Serving Island, Skagit, and Whatcom Counties

About this event

Inspire Washington is hitting the road and heading to communities across the state with our Cultural Futures share and listening tour! We will breakdown the wins from this year's Legislative Session and ensure you know how to claim funding for your organization or program. This is also an opportunity to hear from you! What does your community and organizations need? How can we help and support you advocate for public funding?

Date and time:

May 18 at 7pm


Mount Baker Theatre

4408 104 N Commercial St, Bellingham, WA 98225





Cultural Opportunities & Other Experiences:

  • Learn the history of the area and visit the Whatcom Museum - just 5 blocks from Mount Baker Theatre
  • Explore the Sylvia Center for the Arts - a short drive from the Mount Baker Theatre
  • Dine and drink at one of Bellinghman's many resturants nearby:

 downtown bellingham 2

Sylvia Center exterior day Whatcom Museum of History and Art