After 16 in-person meetings across the state and 4 virtual sessions, our Cultural Futures tour has come to a close. Thank you to everyone who attended, our partners for hosting, and each regional community for welcoming us with open arms. We were so excited to meet you all and look forward to continuing conversations. 


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CULTURAL FUTURES OUTREACH FOR MARGINALIZED COMMUNITIES: Inspire WA will be holding a serious of virtual events (with some in-person) about the grant program for BIPOC, rural, and under-resourced communities. If you run an organization serving BIPOC or other under-resourced community and want to help amplify the funding program, please let us know. We're creating a calendar of events and you can sign up now to be a co-host or request an event in your community. 

  • For the Latinx Community in partnership with La Sala: Friday, July 15th from 12pm-1:30pm on Zoom - click here to register!
  • For the Museum/Heritage Community in partnership with Washington State Historical Soceity: July 21st from 10am-11am on Zoom - click here to register!
  • For the Disabled Community in partnership with All Aboard: July 25th from 9am-10:30am on Zoom - click here to register!
  • For the CD Forum Community in partnership with CD Forum: July 26th from 6pm-7:30pm on Zoom - click here to register! 
  • For the Festival Community in partnership with FESTAL: Tuesday, August 2nd from 6p-7:30p on Zoom - click here to register!



Monday, August 8th at 9am

Monday, August 15th at noon



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About Cultural Futures:

During this time of crisis, science, and arts organizations are in dire need of funding for financial recovery and to restart programming. You are invited to join your local partners for in-person Cultural Futures! At the Cultural Futures, we aim to provide you with news you can use. From funding sources to advocacy opportunities, Inspire Washington staff will share all the information you need to know right now.

Together we will work on messaging the importance of our cultural work at this crucial crossroads for our state and communities. We will use our combined voices to communicate these messages to our local and state representatives for the recovery, re-establishment, and growth of science, heritage, and the arts for all of our communities.

These meetings are free and open to the community. We've organized them by county, so you'll be able to connect with other cultural leaders in your area. However, regardless of where you live, pick the meeting that works best within your busy schedule.

On the agenda:

  • Debrief of cultural success in the state's legislative session, including new resources like $80 million for cultural programs and organizations
  • New legislation and funding opportunities, the federal government has provided cultural programming with tremendous support over the last 18 months. What's on the horizon and how do you become an advocate?
  • Listening. What do you need and what should we ask for? And, how do you get involved? It will take a broad coalition to secure future funding.
  • More information about our coalition. Do you want to be more involved in policy development and advocacy or learn about membership? We'll plug you into future activities so that your community is represented.


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